Bearcats News · Para-Olympian Speaks to F.C.A.

At the weekly meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the speaker was Aaron Smith, one of the world’s best para-olympian runners.  After completing his college eligibility in track, he married and was raising and training horses.  While working with two of the horses, one of them got scared and started bucking, throwing Aaron off.  However, his foot got caught in the stirrup and his right leg was mangled and eventually had to be amputated.

During his rehabilitation, he applied to an organization that made the prosthesis that is used by runners, and he was awarded one of the “blade runner” legs.  Now he is able to continue his love of running and is ranked second in the world in his event.  Aaron gives God all the credit for the way he has guided him through such a difficult time in his life and allowed him the opportunity to continue his love of running.  Congratulations, Aaron, and thank you for sharing with the Sherman High F.C.A.Aaron Smith 3 Aaron SmithFCA 4-22